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Writhing, I begin to moan out to him, urging him on to join me. To come with me, as I fuck myself with my thrusting fingers.“Do it, my love. I want ...o see you come all over yourself,” I gasp out the words.The heat is thick in the room, sweltering hot. I drip with perspiration, lust and a hungry need to see my husband coat his chest with his seed.**The sudden ferociousness of her orgasms catches me by surprise and I feel my balls tighten as the tell-tale ripples travel erotically up her flat. That was a learning experience I'll never forget. After a week had passed I soon began to realize I wouldn't be getting mybody back and hadn't realized that I was actually starting to do all thegirl things naturally without thinking about it. I felt happy that Iwas blending in but a bit afraid of losing who I was. Jessie quickly slipped into the roll of the little brother quite easilyand I think after only a week or so mother didn't even remember that wewere switched and every time we would. I wiggled my ass which moved my cunt back and forth on him and told him I couldn’t wait until he was rested because I want him in me again. I was trying to get his cock hard and he told me that this time, he wanted to fuck me from behind. He wasn’t talking about fucking me in the ass, but he wanted to fuck my cunt from behind.He lowered his hand to my cunt and he was rubbing back and forth and I felt his middle finger start to tease my cunt. I was wiggling my cunt in circles on his hand and. She winced and he struck again, making her cry out. He traced the tails gently across her cheeks and struck her again and again. She cried out, but she didn't want it to stop. She could feel the wetness dripping from between her legs, down to his crisp, clean sheets.He was taking his time, striping her skin, gently caressing her in between his carefully designed decorations. She couldn't wait for him to fuck her. He was teasing her. He leaned over and whispered into her ear, "You need that.

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