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All open-access and free-to-read, of course. The stories published here will be my unwitting test material as I check out different sites by posting t...em there. Otherwise, have fun. I'll drop writers notes in the comments section as always so look out for those and happy reading!~ MenoetesAuthors Note: Hello Dearest Reader. Menoetes here again.I really hope you are enjoying this silly collection of saucy stories or maybe one of my other sordid tales. If you are then please let me know! Writers. Go down on him again.Amy was over the taste problem…Murray was fleshy salty but fine…but she had lost her confidence…she gave a few light fluffy sucks and Murray was on the way down like a slowly leaking balloon…“Oh for Christ’s sake…spit on it…lick his balls…get dirty with it girly…” this from Donna on the stairs who realised…then said “Oh shit” more to herself…than the shocked young couple.Murray scrabbled for his underwear.Amy was wiping her mouth and trying to be Miss Prim and Proper: like. Shame rose up and possessed him ashe nevertheless fed the crotch of the filmy garment into his mouth andpostioned the most soiled area on his tongue, then began sucking on it,tasting the strong flavors of his wife's sweat and vaginal fluids. Heshuddered with degradation and then arousal as he mood swung back towardhis usual submissiveness. The occasional moments of attempted recoveryfrom all Nora had done to him were, though he never understood it, alsocontrolled by her. She loved to spot. All the while I was playing with my dick and the more he complained, the harder I got. Once fully erect I told him to flip over and get on all fours. I mounted him from behind and slid right in his cum-filled hole. As I said, I like a loose hole and this one really was now. It didn’t take me long to blow another load, and after I did, I told him I had to leave and never saw him again.On another occasion I picked up a guy in the local ABS. He wanted me to come home with him for a fuck; that.

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