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. before I swapped with Miss Black." Swapped?" I ask, stepping into the shower and closing my eyes, feelingthe mist of the spray on my skin."Well sort...of, she was.. not performing the managers job as well as sheshould have, and I was the obvious replacement. I got the promotion andshe got.. the downgrade... Now start to turn."I turn, slowly, letting her spray my skin.. at least that of my face andtorso, with the pale cosmetic, then when instructed open my eyes,stepping out and looking in the. Ijust opened my mouth and kissed her like Jason kissed me. Like beforeit was so nice. Her lips were soft but not mushy. I could still taste alittle bit of her lip-gloss, which I found exciting. I eagerly moved mytongue towards her open mouth and French kissed her passionately. Shemoved closer and pressed her body against mine. I could feel ourbreasts touching as we held each other tightly. I could also feel aslight pulsating movement in my panties as my excitement grew."Wow. I guess you really. Walking carefully to the table, she set the dish on the placemat and waved a beckoning hand toward it."Sit. Eat before it gets cold."Operating on autopilot, he went back to the foyer and removed his coat, placing the briefcase he'd grabbed on the way out on the side table. He pulled off his jacket and tie, dropping them on the couch on his way back to the kitchen. When she pointed at his seat, he sat and unfolded his napkin in his lap. He had cloth napkins? She went to the refrigerator and came. AfterI admitted my guilt she told me not to worry, they were just herfather's goons. Father was apparently very protective of his little girland did his utmost to cocoon her in a tight ring of security. All of hermale friends were vetted and had to meet with Daddies approval. That waswhy she had been so forward in passing me a secret note. If we were tostart dating it would have to be done very discretely.We arranged to meet at a romantic Italian bistro. It is situated on aquiet square near my.

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