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I had already made about half a dozen fuck flicks when I was told that the next day's shooting would be with Megan Leigh. Check out the Internet if yo... don't know what Megan looked like, but she was one of the cutest and yet one of the most petite babes ever to work in adult movies. She definitely wasn't very well endowed in the breast department but what Megan didn't have in the size of her chest she more than made up for in every other possible area. Our film script portrayed me as Megan. Indeed, she did not remember returning to her guest house at all that night; yet awoke to find herself under the sheets of her own bed in just her lacy bra and panties -- her heels, dress, and jewellery, all neatly assembled across the loveseat by her bed. Coffee and croissant restored her. Yet despite her foggy head, she was not so wanting in terms of memory to forget saying some naughty and inappropriate things to her nephew. Slightly horrified upon reflection, she sighed and committed. She exchangedair kisses with George before he introduced her to Sharon."Well, Georgie, since you've brought a new face to my struggling littleenterprise, I will give you a nice table," Carol Anne said."It doesn't look like it's struggling to me," Sharon said."Oh! You are so kind!" You've won yourself a friend for life," George said with a smirk."Actually, things are going rather well. Georgie here keeps bringingpeople in, and for some reason a lot of them come back without him." The food must. .....or girlfriends, I thought, as I laughed inside.After running into her earlier, with her being suggestive and all, plus all the nice pretty things walking around school all day and my own thoughts and needs, I was as stimulated as I could get right now.School was done, FINALLY !. I walked looking for my girlfriend figuring she would be in the parking lot. I pulled out my phone and texted, "where u", then pushed send.After a couple minutes my phone beeped."had 2 go c u later !", she replied..

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