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For a moment I felt relief, but as I looked to the right side of my bed there it was. I popped my eyes wide, as I froze in deep terror. I opened my ...outh to scream but nothing had come out. A silent scream in the night, perhaps this was just a nightmare. Whatever it was, it moved closer to my face and I could see long saber like fangs, clicking just inches away from my nose. My eyes where locked on him, as he drew in closer and closer to me, and all I could hear was the clicking sound of his. Fifie and Julie shrieked in terror, "Ohoooo nooo, oh noooo..."Julie screamed. "No not twelve strokes please noooo..."The watching women's laughter increased when it became obvious that Fifie and Julie were pissing into their panties.Nurse Grey raised the cane above her shoulder, and once again bought it whistling through the air onto the chair. The loud crack of the cane as it hit the leather chair reverberated around the room. It was too much for the two sissies screaming in fear, their piss. Rittu now unhooked her blouse and unrobed her petticoat.She was now exposed in red netted bra and panty with her long loose hair touching her ass.and her total waxed body was giving a treat to guptaji eyes..Guptaji now stood up and offered drink to rittu and I lit cigratte for her and with one glass in her hand and other with cigratte she was looking like a true prostitute.Guptaji now started touching rittu body and rittu started looking at me but I winked at rittu to carry on .Guptaji then. I sat there and watched this fully dressed woman stroke my hard dick until I was about to cum. I tried to pull away, not wanting to speak and ruin the moment. She smiled and stroked faster and faster pointing my cock at my belly until I couldn’t hold back anymore. White-hot cum erupted from my cock, landing on my shoulders and nipples. It was the best orgasm I’d experienced since I lost my cherry.When she finished milking me, she stood up and left without a sound. I sat there covered in my cum,.

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