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After 4 days when I had got home from the office she had a smile on her face.I asked her what is the matter and she said she will show me something dinner. So like usual I had my shower and then dinner. Then she brought all the new saris and petticoat and blouse and kept on the sofa.I was sitting right next to it. She said she will change in the kitchen and show me one by one, and I agreed. So she did so and when she was showing me then she had her pallu in her hand like a model and away. He sit on her heck and start doin something. To see what he going to do do i dot out from my dark room and snakes to room i hide under the cout near of window. I saw his penis, it was prette long with huge head. It look different yo my or boss penisess. I colled this ones a 'Pilz' . It 's head looks like more than my wife lipps! He grabs her and used fingers to make some kinda bud from her hot red lipps. When it happened he bring his penis snd start vawes its head under skin of her lovely. Then he turned her and lay her back on the pillows and cushions and she allowed him to open her legs wide. Her sex was completely exposed to him. The room came alive with scents both exotic and relaxing and a music played from speakers she couldn’t see. She relaxed and allowed him to touch her thighs and push her legs open wider than she thought possible. She touched her own breast, feeling the familiar and smoothly soft mound move in and then fall back with gravity. Her nipples grew erect and. Nice and pale skin and nicely shaped. She was curvy but fit and had red hair. As we met she introduced herself "hi I'm emily, your girlfriends next door neighbour." the whole time we were chatting I couldn't help look at her body in her dress and was aware that my gf was away chatting to someone else so I could really enjoy a perv. It wasn't until later that night that I had a brainwave, Emily was on the other side of the bar and I could still see her arse, and me and my gf were chatting to.

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