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She moaned a little as I kissed her deep. My hand made its way to her huge breasts. I cupped them over her sweater and she didn't resist at all. We br...ke the kiss and quickly started undressing. Jeanie stood in front of me wearing a red bra and panties. Her tits looked huge and her body what you'd expect of a 70 year old woman. I stepped forward and un clipped her bra while kissing her. The bra fell to the floor as I felt her huge breast in my hand. I quickly found her nipples and rolled and. A dreadful, unquenchable agony burned through herbottom. She could feel blood trickling from her lacerated buttocks. Shesobbed loudly, unable to repress the need to voice the agony within.Tears ran thick and fast down her contorted countenance.After a moment, another flurry of lashes rained against Tiffany'soutthrust bottom, and she squealed and shrieked, pain blossoming withinher bleeding buttocks. With each stroke of the cane, every new blowaggravated the pain that had ensued from the. Saliva rapidly flooded my mouth as I imagined how her ass would taste. I had to swallow hard before the drool escaped my mouth. I wasn't aware of it at the moment, but my sister had turned her head around and watched my eyes take in her sexy butt-cheeks. I must've looked pathetic.When I finally looked up and locked eyes with Tracy, my face became tomato red. I was busted big-time and she knew it, too. Tracy smirked, closed the dresser drawer and said, "I saw you peeking at my butt." Huh .... She wore a thick jumper and equally thick tracksuit pants. Both her hands were in her pockets as she walked. She wore a baseball cap and bowed her head down whenever she saw a car drive by. In a way I felt guilty. Erika had been indoors all her life and all of a sudden she was outdoors, so of course she'd be uncomfortable.Erika and I arrived downtown twenty minutes later. We were two eleven-year-old kids walking along a sidewalk filled with adult shoppers. Cars on the road honked their horns..

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