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Legends speak of the armies of this city, the dead and their tormenters, marching on Morgent and all of the island. But this, this happened long ago a...d was of no concern to the king and his people in the capitol.But not so for Gutandor, where strange occurrences have long kept the shepherds awake at night. Livestock disappeared and were found stripped of their flesh. There were strange howls and screams that terrified the people living there and omen piled upon omen, until one night, they. The boys of our college used to call her “slut” among themselves, but it was just based on her appearance and attitude. Nobody knew much about her character.The real story broke lose when we were in our 3rd yr. She was in the 2nd yr then. News was coming from all corners of the college that she has sexual affairs with nearly 6 or 7 guys from all departments and even with a 1st yr junior. Most of the level headed guys like me did not believe this first, but when a guy from our same class showed. She pulled and momentarily some rolled stationery was laying in her hands.The cramping was easing, but her body was sore and ached in every joint and muscle. Her rear burned and she felt a continual need to move her bowels and there was an all too familiar taste in her mouth, her jaws sore, her lips almost raw. Her body was screaming at her, telling her how badly it had been abused. How badly, she was about to learn.Noticing writing, she unrolled the stationery and began reading the note:Dear. That, I felt, might be the worst torture of all. There was always the threat of an agonizing death near at hand. The junkie babysitter held the end of the choke collar and directed Ginger’s every move. She punctuated her orders with a jerk on the chain. After a while the junkie whore had an orgasm, then she kissed Ginger passionately.The abductor came back into the room while the junkie babysitter still held Ginger’s chain. They order Ginger onto her hands and knees. When she was arranged.

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