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We had not discussed her tip during any point of the massage which i really appreciate, so I pulled 100 out of my wallet. She said no, it's too much, ...ut i insisted. She said to come back soon and i agreed. I am not sure she knew how soon I intended to return, though.second visitTwo days later i was ready. I this time it was evening. I told my wife i was off to the gym and instead headed out to see Kay. I called to make sure she was in and was told she was available now. I rushed over and was. If Mary had any doubts that he was happy to be with her, he never gave her any reason to believe otherwise. While he smiled and was polite to the women who flirted with him, he didn’t return the sentiments.He often deflected their attention onto Dale and Mark by informing the ladies that they were well brought up young men who knew how to work and could treat a lady right. Both boys knew their mothers, and Grandma Janet would still flog their arses if they behaved any different, so they played. No engine, no heat! My name’s Theodore by the way, but I have always been known as Ted.”“My name’s Frank. Glad to meet you, Ted and glad I could be of some assistance to you. Do you live somewhere nearby or are you traveling too?”“I live about five miles north of the next exit. We should be getting close, so if you slow to a crawl, I think I will recognize the off ramp.”He did, but I barely got up to the overpass on that drifted ramp. My four wheel drive Audi is the only reason we did. The. She stood and stalked over to where Susan’s purse lay, shaking out the contents onto the floor in front of the weeping woman.Sorting through the pile, she pulled out an envelope with her name on it, glanced inside, and then stuck it in her pocket. As she straightened, she saw a thumb drive laying, almost hidden, among tubes of lipstick and eyeliner, and slipped that into her pocket as well.Carol laid it all out for Doug, holding nothing back. It was cathartic, in a way, though it revealed more.

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