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Due to her heavy breathing her breast was moving up and down. I slowly planted a kiss on her neck for which she left a slow moan. This was the melting...point. I turned her around and started to smooch her tender lips. She was holding my head and pulling it towards her. I started to press her boobs from above her tee and continued to smooch her. This continued for about 15 min. I was in no hurry as I know she was mine now and was enjoying the moment completely. Slowly I started to lift her tee. Jaq came over and I knew what was coming, still tied to the sun lounger she squatted over my face. I put out my tongue out as the cum began to flood from her used pussy, Jaq then settled on my face as my tongue got to work cleaning her up.Jaq untied me as Maria positioned herself on the edge of the patio table, my cock was soon nudging the entrance to her wet pussy. Jaq helped to guide me in and watched while I shafted Maria while both she and Paul watched. Maria was loving it and was begging. See you in an hour“. I get up the stairs, take off all my clothes and wear as usual for sleeping only my long shirt. I lie down because I am really tired. As normal I leave the door half open. My dreams ride an emotional rollercoaster. I dream of four hands touching me all over, lips, tongues, boobs and cocks all around me. These dreams are so exciting that when I wake up I feel my hands between my thighs masturbating. My love tunnel is very wet and a feeling of warmth is climbing up my body.. Grabbing the camera from his pocket, Greg snapped a few more pictures for his growing album.Walking over to the back door, Greg bent and picked up one of Stacey's discarded flip flops. As he stood back up, Greg checked the lock on the back door and confirmed that it was not locked. Walking back over to stand in front of Mrs. C., he informed her that, "I am going to spank you now with Stacey's flip flop. This will be our little secret. Every time she puts this shoe on, she'll be oblivious to the.

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