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I started biting and sucking all over her chest and above her boobs while also trying to unhook her bra. Try pulling a girls bra from under her shirt....This will always get you some brownie points.All this while she started trying to loosen my trainers and slid her hand into my underwear. A girl putting her hands into my pubic area is sort of my weakness. It just gives me a feeling of having the wind sucked out of me. Takes you to the edge when a girl does this gently and steadily. Not too fast. I apply make-up, wig, and proceed into bedroom were I get my false breast forms out and glue them on to my sooth chest w/ medical glue so they can be worn bra less. I attach my chastity device and return to the toilet and remove my tampon, and rinse, afterwards inserting my small to extra large butt plugs. I dressed in my black lace teddy, with garter belt and thigh highs, and my lacy 6' heels. apply my blonde wig and the proceed to await my wife's arrival, and her thoughts on me wanting to. "How's that sound?"My dick surged to life and a smile split my face. I tried to control it, didn't want to look too eager, but it wouldn't go away."That sounds great." I raised my own finger. "You mean both of us? Like, one after the other?"Dylan laughed. "Sure. Why not. Let's get crazy."Still grinning, I took another swallow from my beer as Dylan sank to his knees and reached for my fly.I've had plenty of blow jobs, but none quite like that. It was a profoundly different experience to look. Walking inside I was greeted with a note saying, "do not come into the living room until your instructed, follow all instructions like the good sissy boy you know you are." 1) Enter the bathroom, remove all your clothing and place them into the wash basket. Take a shower and use this hair removal cream on, legs, pubic hair, arm pit. 2) Now proceed into our bedroom, locate the items I have newly purchased for you. 3) Put them on and follow my make up instructions. I was quite unsure of the make.

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