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"This is Hos Bletha and it's a peninsula. The southern portion of this peninsula is a vast swamp. That swamp is filled with hungry lizards, poisonous ...nakes, poisonous insects and terrible diseases."This sort of swamp requires close proximity to the sea and has to be flat -- which is why the mountainous northern regions of the God-King's land, southern Zarthan and the lands of the Lost Ruthani are all desert. There are mountains that comb what little water is in the air out, and they are far. Then a convoy of dangerous material needed a police escort all across Utah. I was so worried about you guys!’ I said, ‘Relax. We’re fine. We’re just about to leave Las Vegas we should be in L.A. early this afternoon.’ ‘You didn’t stop in Beaver?’ ‘No. We stopped in Vegas.’ ‘Your log books are screwed! Jesus! What am I going to do?’ ‘It’s all fine, Danni. What you need to do is book us a load, no, two loads for somewhere in Florida. Then we need two weeks off. Oh, and we changed the name of our. When Ethan reached the door to the lab, he was terrified that he'd be found out. McGreuter had warned him in no uncertain terms that if he was caught in there, then he'd never get sex again. Ethan shuddered at that thought, extremely tempted to turn around. "Get ahold of yourself." He muttered, trying to remain calm but not succeeding. "You're like an addict." But sadly, Ethan realized that this was exactly what he was. Dr. McGreuter had made him addicted to sex, and then ensured that he was. Rose grimace at the thought of asking Marcos but she needed the money. Rose thanked Maria and made her way upstairs to Marcos’ office.Rose knocked on the door before a rough voice yelled for her to come in. Rose was convinced Maria’s family was cursed since both her and Marcos were extremely unattractive. Marcos was a short man, standing at 5’2 beating Rose by a mere 3 inches, he had a big pudgy nose that looked like someone had hit him with a pan and his face never recovered from the damage..

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