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”big breasts and I am sure your nipples are equally big I would love to suck on them and your fat ass!!! I would loive to put my lund there and ram ...ou and I know I am not the first one to do it Am I”“No sir you won;t be, in face I intend to give full pleusre to my masters but I am afraid it won;t be covered in what you are apying me,””Money is no problem baby, I will cover your nake dbody with notes but first show me your body,”He said and unashemedly stepped out of his track pants.His lund. It was 9.15 that I entered her house and what I saw was really astonishing, in the party were my building’s secretary with his wife, chairman with his slutty wife and som hot teenagers from her work place with their boyfriends. Sangeeta’s husband made me comfortable and offered me a drink. Party started in a musical form, and we were having our drinks while listening to music and then suddenly sangeeta the hostess arrived.She was wearing a black sari with a backless blouse and with eye make-up. To maine dekh ke kah yeh apne payar ki nishani hai to wo sharma kar mujhse lipat gaye main bhi unke unpar lete kar unko maslne lage tob ek dum se maine chut pe hath rakhte hue “kaha aunty ji mujhe yeh dikho na”Wo bole jayda sharif mat bano kitno ke dekhe hoge tujhse to kai sex kate higi. Maine kaha nahi aunty aap pehle aurt ho jisko maine chua hai to wo bole phir itna kaise aata hai tumhe? Maine kaha aunty wo XXX filme dekhe hai na unse. To wo mukura de or bole tab “main lucky hu jo itne lambe. And I'll tell you this now so's there's no misunderstanding, here at King's Cavalry we have a 100% anti-drugs policy and we don't listen to no excuses."I was so stunned to hear someone pronounce 'anti' as 'ant eye' that I wasn't sure how to respond, but as always Crystal was diplomatic and non-confrontational."I can assure you that not one of us will consume illegal drugs while we're here," she said. "But I'm sure we might be tempted by the beer you sell in the bar." I don't think Jake'd take.

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