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“Carla is expecting us. I hope we’re not interrupting anything.”“Not at all, Glenn. You must be Jackson.”“Jackie. I like to be called Jack...e.”“Pleased to meet you, Jackie. Come in.”Carla stepped in from a back hallway. “Please, come and sit.”Glenn and Jackie sat on a sofa and Carla pulled up a chair. “Pleased to meet you...”“Call me Jackie.”“ ... Jackie ... pretty name. Glenn said we were having a bit of an identity crisis.”“Not any more,” Jackie replied. “Glenn and I had a long talk on the. She slowly finger-fucked herself, coating her ass with the jelly.Zeke sat down on the couch. "Come and sit on Daddy's lap, bitch."Chrissie walked seductively to the couch, swaying her hips the way she thought a girl would. She knelt on the couch, directly over Daddy's throbbing cock. She took the shaft of Zeke's monster cock in her hand and positioned the head at the entrance to her ass. Then she closed her eyes and slowly lowered herself onto Daddy's cock. It didn't hurt as much this time as. Johns or non-Johns?"I paused. I didn't want to work, but I also didn't want any non-Johns living in the house. "See what you can find." He nodded.I took the clients to lunch and we did paperwork for an hour. Their income was well within the range. I had Juan wait with the client and took the twins with me to fax the paperwork to the right people."Should we drive, Boss?" Left angel asked. "We do not have a permit yet." Right angel confessed."We'll deal with that." I hadn't had to drive in a. I really wanted to get her out of her clothes, but I wasn't sure how strong my hand was yet. I called and raised 2 though. She matched me, and flopped a pair of sevens into the middle with a king. That was absolutely no help to me, but before she bet, Samantha had a proposition for me. "Why don't we both go all in on this hand? I can tell you didn't like what I just turned over, but I don't have a good hand either." She showed her J-8 to prove her point. "If you stay in, I'll kiss you for it."I.

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