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Right behind Mom was Mrs.Thomas, who had been chatting with her daughter and Jordan. When shesaw me she came right over and took both my hands, and lo...king me overshe said quietly, "Sandy, you blew me away tonight. I absolutely couldNOT see our little neighbor boy, just this pretty peasant girl with thebig singing voice. You and Kathleen could definitely be sisters!" Oh, but we ARE, Mrs Thomas," I laughed, "at least that's what you'resupposed to believe. I'm glad we were so convincing."On the. Her eyes were wide open as she looked upwards. She was the loveliest angel I had ever set eyes upon. I kissed her lips and they felt surprising cold. Perhaps she just had some ice cream I thought. My lover tonight had decided to take the passive approach. Leave me in charge to do with her as I pleased. It was her way of playing hard to get. I kissed down her neckline and teased around her nipples. She exercised total control keeping oh so still as I kissed her nipples with a slow steady pace.. " No I'm serious, go home," I said again."But I need something," she said, "I'm bloody desperate look I'm shaking."Well it was there on a plate, she was sitting on the edge of the bed knees parted, her sex glistening, her hair shining, and she seemed relieved grateful even, she just wanted to please me and she had benefited from lots of practice over the past few days."It's all right, you can stay." I told her as manhandled her up the bed before I enjoyed sliding into the smooth slippery. I’ve developed some itches.”“Saltwater. Give me a few minutes in the sun.” And he donned the cutoffs and t-shirt while his suit was still wet. She wrapped her beach robe around her for the trip back to the inn. In their room, he ‘helped’ her take off the swimsuit. It was about as necessary as the four helpers she’d had at her wedding, but much more fun. He scratched her back before she took a shower. He took one after her.After they had dressed, they applied sunblock and went out for another.

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