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James and Summer were the first to arrive for the party. Summer was carrying another outfit on a hanger covered by a dry cleaning bag. My heart sank w...en I saw it was another maid?s costume. This one was a French maid?s style and it was made out of leather. It also had large fake breasts attached to it. Summer made me dress the part. By the time she was done I was also wearing a long blonde wig, fishnet stockings with a garter belt, a thong and I was teetering around the house on high heels. I. " Why would you do that? I expect you plan to stiff me lunch anyway." That is true, but I could be home getting a blow job." He said it looking at Dee to judge her reaction, there was none.Up to that point he had delivered each sentence with a sneer. His age didn't help my opinion of him, since he couldn't have been more than twenty five or so. "Oh really who is the lucky guy?" I asked it just as nasty as I could. If the kid wanted a pissing match he was gonna come up short. If he refused to. “What? You've still got a cock haven't you? Christ, you had four to choose from a few minutes ago. Mustn't be greedy. Share and share alike. And other clichés.”“Fair point,” Charlotte conceded. Ray was still ploughing away behind her, sweat pouring off of him and his knees beginning to burn a little. He stopped what he was doing and leaned back, cock slipping from Charlotte with a wet plopping sound. He lay back, propped up on his elbows and breathing heavily. “How about you do a bit of the. Los pan-tal-ones." Oh yeah, and I think you mean los pant-a-lo-nes"Danyelle giggles at her mistake. "Oh silly me. Ok let me try to put itinto a sentence. Miras buen in twos pantalones." I think you meant to say "Pareces buen en tus pantalones" Um, like if that means you look good in your pants then yes."Danyelle continues to flirt and pretend to be an airheaded bimbo forthe rest of class.The next day she gets a picture text from Hunter with a picture of Rondressed in an orange crop top and.

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