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The looters, at least the ones in the small town, seemed to be a lazy lot just soaking up the booze, eating the food and playing with the surviving fe...ales. They were just as deadly, only a lot less effective than the trained military units.The next couple of days saw a lot of increased helicopter traffic with some of it flying very low to the ground. He wondered if they were using special techniques to pinpoint targets on the ground. He felt reasonably safe inside the cave because of the high. "He was playing hide and seek with those goons for almosttwo days out there, Zach, and those guys are pros." Good weapon," the big Myrmidon said by way of answer as he examined theIshima Nate had been carrying then rummaged through the small bag it hadbeen put in. "Nice rate of fire, thirty round magazine, and damnedaccurate with three shot bursts. Got ten mags in here too. All empty." Yah, I think he got more than a few bad guys past couple of days." One tough sumbitch," Zach admitted with. A masochist some would say and maybe they were right. I didn't care about labels though, I just cared that those who used me came away satisfied.And satisfaction is something Roger had never truly found.Like myself he had learned early in life that he was different. A born dominant with a sadistic streak and a decidedly misogynistic bent he just didn't fit in with the changing times. He liked his girls in high heels all the time. And pants were for men only. Women wear skirts! He liked watching. The Prince was crying out in a language she never heard, like a deep chest groan. Next he bent and lifted her up with his cuming dick, she felt a jet fire into her womb, then another. He leaned over her so levering his 13′ monster towards her belly, Her hand now feeling him trying to shove his bell end through and out of her belly. This is where he let most of his seed go. He fired one torrent after another she could feel him hot and pulsing on the inside and the outside too!!! With every.

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