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I left the office feeling dejected knowing i had to find a job soon or face having to move back home . I knew if i dropped out of school i would never...here the end of it from my father a life time mill worker who thought every one should go from high school to working in the mill'. I continued to look for other jobs and came back with no success then the phone rang it was Joan she asked if i had time to come back and speak with Wendy i said sure Joan said to be there in an hour and don't be. And somehow I ended up with with my hand on his chest. And in that moment I knew that our connection was unstoppable . That kiss wasn't just a kiss it was as if my whole life was flashing in front of me. My whole life I've been this good daughter, a good sister, a good friend and for the first time in my life I was going to stop being exactly that; because when our kiss ended I realized that he had a wedding band on his left forefinger. But that wasn't going to stop me from being happy. His. "Oh Penny, you are such a pretty little thing. No wonder the men are socaptivated by you. I know Simon will just love you! Now, you be sure tobe nice to him and treat him well when you get over there. I know itwill be strange for you for a while but you will get used to being awoman full time .... I know deep down it what you want." I shed a littletear, hoping for a last minute reprieve and forgiveness, but it nevercame. "Oh, I understand sweetheart, you must be nervous and a littleanxious. It. " Others?" Anthony drifted a bit closer. She nodded."Orang. Maybe. Do not know." Survivors," Melinda whispered. Daium nodded, sadly."Maybe." Your English is really improving," Nona complemented Daium as they watched the others half clean up, half goof off as they finished breakfast. "It'll be better than my Malay soon." Thank you." Daium smiled shyly at her interpreter. Nona raised an eyebrow."I think I know WHY you're trying to learn so fast. You really like him, don't you?"There was no hint.

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