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I meet my sister in a coffee shop in the town centre, we got our drinks then I took her to the quietest spot in the coffee house, as I sat down I noti...ed a smile on her face, “I know why you asked me out” she smiled, “Ho yeah, why” I asked, “You want to know if Mark and I are having sex, and to let you know straight away, we are and it is bloody great” she beamed, “bloody hell sister, don’t beat about the bush” I said taken aback a little at her openness, “But it not only me having sex with. I knew she was enjoying my husband’s skilled tongue in her cunt, by the way the bitch was crying and sobbing with pleasure.To shut her up, I leaned over and kissed her wet red lips, while I played with her hardening nipples again.I kept riding Victor’s dick, crying and moaning with pleasure; until I felt some fingers rubbing my very tight asshole.I assumed that it was the girl’s husband; but I turned around and found there a huge black guy was now touching me.He smiled at me and I kept riding. This further encouraged me and one day just out of the blue, I asked her what she thought of pre marital sex, and she was like totally against it. But as time went by (almost 3 months) I enlightened her on the pleasures and benefits of sex and slowly and gradually she started falling for me. She told me that she has no problems getting physical but won’t go for intercourse. She was about to come to India for her holidays and since she was also from Delhi, I had the opportunity to meet her so I. When she lifted up i made a joke of this which she laughed. After the other day i now knew i could get away with more. She looked down at her boobs and said to me do i like them. I was straight to the point and just said i thought they were lovely, nice perfect size i joked. She started looking around and then turned to me and pushed them together and smiled, how about that she teased. Mum stop it they look fantastic like that i joked back. She just smiled. Still paddling around in the water.

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