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Oh my God this was really going to happen. I was scared but exhilarated too. Ab ouska haath meray lorhay ki bajaaye meri gaand kay bubbles kay darmyaa... aa gaya tha, ouski oungli meray sorakh kay ird gird probe kar rahi thi aur mein ne wahan kisi cold aur wet cheez ko feel kiya. Oh my fucking Lord; mein ne socha “Lubricant”! Voh meri gaand maarnay wala tha, finally mujhay pata chalnaywala tha keh gaand merwaatay waqt kaisa feel hota hai.Kamal nay meri opening kay ird gird lube ko rub kiya aur. Then I realized I was being silly he’d just helped me out of what could have been a bad situation. I looked over at the man sitting there finally I walked over to him ‘do you need me to call you a cab?’ I asked. He began to smile and I almost melted right then he was sexy ‘No thank you Miss I have a car outside.’ Slowly he stood up I couldn’t help but watch as he walk toward the door ‘damn he had a fine ass.’ With a sigh I went back to work but I couldn’t stop thinking about him. Just. We take the elevator up several floors and walk down the corridor to his room. The whirring of the wheels on his case assure me that he’s close behind as I lead. I unlock the door and walk in, leaving it open for him to follow. ‘This is one of our best double suites, Mr. Atkinson’ I state with my back to him, knowing he’s inside. I hear the door close behind as he says in that deep manly voice ‘call me Michael.’ I turn around and he’s stood right before me, half a foot taller even while I’m in. Mr. Hoffman made it clear that I shouldn't give my wife any excuse to claim I was disruptive or violent, and that included language. He thought my strategy of refusing to leave the house was good, but likely temporary. Sooner or later, her lawyer would want me out of the house and get a court order to enforce that. Until then, however, I wasn't going anywhere.Saturday was a busy day as usual. I drove Jess to her soccer game and stood along the sidelines to watch and cheer her on. Jess was a.

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