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There was a tug on my sleeve.“Mick?”Kendi spoke quietly and got my attention.“Mick? How much longer are you going to walk?”“Huh?”“We are...almost to the end of the river walk.”I looked around and saw that I was a long way from home. That was when I realized that my feet and knees hurt. I looked at Kendi and saw the concern on her face.“Sorry. Are you OK?”“Yes, but you’re limping.”“I am?”“Yeah. You don’t normally walk for an hour and a half.”“Has it been that long?”“Uh-huh.”“Sorry. I guess I was. Dr. Milford pierces the tongue and inserts avery small piece of surgical tubing into the wound. The hole in yourtongue heals around the tubing, but allows for easy removal of the barbell," gushed Melinda. The girl continued, "Greg doesn't think thatit is ladylike to walk around advertising what a good cock sucker youare. Also, the stud costs about three thousand dollars and heconsiders your tongue is his private property. It takes about a monthfor wound around the tubing to heal properly,. Ab wo mujhse kuchh jyada hi khul gai thitight t shirt aur bare gale wala kurta pahan kar mere pas aati thi .kuchh hi dino ke bad mere gharwale 8 -10 dino ke liye bahar chale gaye the maine mauke ka fayda uthane ki sochi subah jab wo school ja rahi thi to use maine isare se bulaya aur usse bateKarne laga maine kaha mujhe tumse kuchh kahna hai to aaj school bunk kar do kisi ko pata nahi chalega humlog dinbhr bate karenge bahut request ke bad wo man gai maine bhi ghar me bahar se tala lagakar. He initiated the texting and soon they were texting each other by the minute. He got close to her, talked about her issues with her husband and became her confidant. The time to cash out was nearing.A month later, another party came up and this time Ashik was personally invited by Shobha. Her husband didn’t even notice him as he was busy entertaining his guests. He talked with her, gave her company while her husband was elsewhere.Amidst the party, he decided that it was time to reveal his.

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