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She sucked it from top to bottom for another 10 minutes. She loved the taste of his skin. The air was filled with slurping sounds of Mumtaz.Combined her saliva, his precum made his cock wet. For the first time, Mumtaz heard him moan. He was very manly, and he was close. He grabbed Mumtaz by her cheeks with his strong hands and held her face. Then for a few minutes, pumped inside her mouth.She felt it touch the backside of her mouth. He was huge. Then he came into her mouth. It was the. "We can started moving now start getting packed quickly." He walked outside and drove back up to the empty clearing he went to the wood shed and put the chainsaw and the gas inside. When he got back to the house his sisters had all there clothes packed and ready. He went inside and grabbed his bags and loaded everything into the truck and told his sisters come on. Noone talked as they drove up to the clearing. Finnaly John spoke up " So jessi who kissed who?" Jessi who had blonde hair a little. I never knew sex could be so filling and so lovely. I was a complete woman now. And I was calling out to him repeatedly, off and on stooping down to kiss him with my wet mouth. His hands continued to tease my nipples and squeeze my breast and he too was calling away my name. Our love making reached a peak and our souls beat in unison, calling out to each other in most endearing terms. And as it reached a crescendo, my vaginal muscles went into a contraction, while he too stiffened which was. I whimpered and turned around to look at him. In the dark room, I could just barely see him sliding down his boxers. He spat in his hand and slicked it over his huge, hard cock. I was a little scared for that thing to be inside me. He started sliding his cock along my crack.“Do you want it?” he asked.“Is it… gonna fit?” I asked nervously.“We’re gonna make it,” he said and started pressing the head against my hole. It didn’t feel like it was. But soon I felt a pop as the head entered.I yelped.

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