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She couldn’t speak as the sensation of his touch shot through her like an electrical current. The outside world was fading and there was only his, his kisses, and his hands remembering exactly what she needed. He was seducing her and she couldn’t stop the desire for him from taking over her. Jason leaned her back on the sofa and she lay there exposed to him with her shimmering dress about her waist. He gazed at her while he unzipped his pants and released his throbbing cock. ‘I don’t want. I wasn't very happy to hear that, but I told her it was fine with me. We spoke for a few more minutes before we said bye. Though I was drained and very tired I could not sleep for a long time.Thoughts of Aisha and the lovely time I had with her playing on my mind. It was almost 4 in the morning when I drifted off to sleep. I got up around 11 in the morning, being a Saturday had no worries aboutgoing to work. I picked my mobile phone to check if I had any calls and noticed I had a few text. We had just about everyone’s full attention, Mike was still groping me, one hand causing devastation between my legs, the other stroking my breast, he broke the kiss and turned his head to Paul and said "you wait here, your wife and me are going for a fuck".The embarrassment was both much worse and much more exciting than that first time in a motorway car park as for the second time in our live I walked away from Paul with a stranger. This time at least 16 people knew exactly why I was leaving. She continued to smile and as we again kissed, I moved down and kissed her chest. I eventually found myself tonguing and sucking her little nipples as i cupped her breast. It was such a turn on and as I came back up, I smiled and kissed her, continuing to feel on her boobs. Her little nipples had grow hard and after another kiss, I moved down to gently suck her neck on my way back down to suck her nipples again.Glancing up at her briefly, I slyly reached to the side of her skirt trying to.

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