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I had started to get the hang of the heels as I helped her prepare the food. We sat and ate, talking about clothes, shoes, hair and makeup. She said s...e would help me to become a real girl and that I could come over to her house any time to dress up. After the food, I helped her wash and dry the dishes. We sat down and talked some more until it became dark outside. I had to go home but I didn't want to go back to being a boy. She told me I could keep the panties and bra and wear them underneath. I bought a few local newspapers and took 'em home. I had a folding chair and quarter sheet of one inch plywood on sawhorses set up as a kitchen table. I found a couple of auctions that I wanted to attend.The next morning I carefully went over the contents of Carl's old parts shed. It was deep enough to hold a Buick (obviously, because one was in there! and longer than three cars parked end-to-end. What a disaster area. When I saw all the plumbing parts and pieces I had a brainstorm. I decided. Try these toppings on the kulfi, etc. This way I even took some toppings from their plate and eat them. We became friendly without much talking. I went back to my table but the girls were sitting in another room. We were barely able to see each other after this.I came out of the restaurant and waited outside in the hope that the girls will show up at some time. They also came out in about 10 minutes. The girls were having a laugh, the same as me. I was also laughing because our tummies were. She savoured the taste of her Mother’s juices on Sam’s cock as she hungrily sucked and licked him. Her tongue darted around the head of his cock and the glans, her mouth slid up and down along the shaft. Sam knew he was getting near another orgasm again. He could feel the throbbing inside his stomach, his balls tightened, and his cum began to shoot towards his sister’s throat.As the first wad hit the back of her throat, Jo pulled her head away. Sam’s cock shot another wad of cum straight into.

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