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I have got an average body..Ma height is 5″8..I have got a 6″ cock which can satisfy any ladies..Any aunties or girls in and around cochin area wh... want private or secret sex can contact me on This is ma first story.Please neglect ma mistakes..Its a real story..Please do supporting me with your comments.. .Coming back to stories..It happened during ma school days(may b year 2007 or 2008)..Age will 18 at that time.Ma dad got rented building in town..And we rented a shop for a lady for running a. Then we had oral sex for the longest time. I really enjoyed sucking on her always-juicy, hairy pussy and her large clit. She sucked my cock, but also my big balls.One night we had a new experience when we were in the sixty-nine position with her on top. She slid down farther to better suck my balls and perineum. In that position her gorgeous ass was right in front of my face. I lifted my head as I reached up with my hands to spread her ass cheeks and pressed my face between them. I then started. “I’m parked just there,” she says. We kiss and agree to meet again next week. My hubby can’t believe how wet I am that night and we fuck for an hour. I just think of her. He asks if anything interesting had happened today and I tell him just the usual. On our next encounter I swap roles & tie Chrissy up using the same fishnet bodysuit. I tie the blindfold on and then massage and lick her all over. She just looks so hot all tied up with her nipples poking through the net and her shaved pussy. She went superquiet and just sat and seethed as we continued watching TV. An hour, anda couple of beers, later I made a comment about the attractiveness ofone of the female presenters. I'm not sure of the exact words I used butI think the phrase "nice big set of tits" was in there somewhere. I hadnever seen Anna so furious. She screamed that I was a pig with norespect for women and no idea what it was like to deal with the dailystruggle of being a woman. She stormed into the bathroom and.

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