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I recall one late summer day, having spent the morning waiting for my sisters to take me to the swimming pool, when I began pestering them. I enjoyed ...heir company and especially their ability to come and go on their own. They could go to the pool without supervision and I needed adult or at least, older sister supervision.This day they were more occupied playing with their girlfriends at the house. After what were probably repeated pleas to take me to the pool or to play with me, they came out. She’d gotten fed up with this human dildo and dumped him! When Rhea and I got into bed it was fireworks! We were on the same wavelength. Our bodies matched physically and our mutually unsatisfied sexual appetites exploded in a frenzy! We wanted it all the time and every way. She was especially intrigued by my bisexuality and wanted to see me with another man. We started talking about the idea of a threesome with another bisexual man and an idea came to me. I had told her about some of the sex. Salty pre-cum leaked out of the tip, my tongue collecting it into my greedy mouth, then I sucked his cock into my hungry lips."Oh, fuck!" Eric moaned as I bobbed my head slowly, rubbing his cock against the inside of my cheek. "God, it's been awhile since Beth blew me."I popped his cock out of my mouth. "Where would you like it?" I asked with a grin. "Do you want to finish in my mouth or another hole?"He swallowed. "Could I fuck your, um, your butt?"I smiled at him, a sultry, wanton smile. "Of. " He mumbled.I stared at him. Then in the same quiet stern manner said, "Yes Guy; your sexual urges.I shall teach you to restrain your sexual urges until I ask for them. Do you understand?" Yes Madam Margot" he mumbled.I was humiliating Guy and it sexually excited me."Come and stand by me here." I ordered.He did so and my snach fizzed with him being so close. My hand fondled his crutch slowly. "Stand very still Guy." I warned.My hand slowly loosened his pyjama cord and they fell to the floor.My.

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Design sex

Design sex

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