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‘Oh mom, I really love you,’ he wheezed, wiping away a tear that was attracting tropical flies of the worrying kind. Mom’s email was a real tear...jerker: ‘Darcy, come home and get married. Most of your friends have gotten married and your two sisters had weddings you failed to attend. Now babies are beginning to appear but sadly Louise and Dallas are not pregnant yet. My thinking is your wife would become pregnant as soon as you looked at her, or is that just me with my huge grandmother. When do we roll out the product line?" Ha! Never." He smirked. "The three I made cost a load. They're not cost effective unless we enter the telecom industry and that just looked like a mess to me." Three - you, Noah and myself?" Yeah." He looked a little sheepish. "I know it's supposed to be just you and me, but it seemed kind of wrong to leave him out."I nodded. "Yes. He's almost like having another brother." I suppose I should take that as a complement?" Noah asked from my doorway."Hardly.. I used to always stare at her boobs. It is of a fluffy type which is perfect for sucking & pressing hard. Her complexion is of a medium type, neither fair nor dark.Back on to story, on that day we were sitting in the class chatting with classmates, she was sitting on the desk & me on the chair. Her waist was near my head. I was feeling a bit comfortable then. I could feel some inner desire burning in me. Since I couldn’t control any longer, I made some courage & rested my hands on her thighs.. ’ When Max nodded, Annika took the wine chiller and waited as Max removed the raincoat and handed it to her. Max smiled at Annika, nodded her appreciation, and knocked on the door. Denise answered on the first knock. Max, standing straight, feet spread apart, and hands clasped behind her back, smiled and announced, ‘Good evening Mistress, I am Max, and I am pleased to be your submissive from this moment until seven o’clock Monday morning.’ Denise quickly got over her shock at seeing Max in her.

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