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"We'll have to do something about it, or we'll never get to finish our dinner in peace," he finished, but I could see the devilish little boy look in eyes."Do you remember our Parents' wards? The ones that burned when touched?" I asked him with my own devilish little boy grin."Do you mean, did I ever get burned by them? Yes!!" he replied. "But I also know the spell, and yes, it would be appropriate along with a silence spell." The girls were all looking at us like we were crazy by. I need to cum again. Do you mind if I cum again?”“Not at all”“Good. I’m going to fuck myself with the dildo again while I’m sitting on your back”I felt her position the dildo right in the middle of my back and she lowered herself into it. As she started to fuck herself with it, she kept talking.“I’ve changed a lot, huh? I was very vanilla before university. Now, I’m a kinky bitch. I like to tie my partner’s down and use their faces to make me cum. I like to be in control. I like to tell them. "Sounds like a plan to me," Ashley said, pulling up a makeup bag. "Butwe really ought to change her into something more appropriate," shefinished."I have just the thing!" the other girl said. "How about..." she paused,digging something out of her backpack... "this!" She pulled up aminiskirt that was made of that soft suede-like cotton. It was extremelyshort and had the words "Cheer Princess" across the butt. "And this."She held up a camisole shirt, spaghetti straps and a low cut front andeven. My mistress had a price on her head. This is where her wife steppedin.Concealment and protection was offered to my mistress by her wife on thecondition that she rendered her physical body the property of her wifefor an unspecified period of time. Fearing for her life and acting out ofdesperation my mistress signed the contract without hesitation. Onlylater did she learn that the unspecified period of time was the amount oftime it would take for the mob to forgive and forget her.

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