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Cathy was pleasant when we were introduced, and the guys wanted me to sit with them to watch the game. I told them I couldn’t because my sisters brother were here and I had to stay with them. I was just using them as an excuse, even if it was true (and it was). I did not want to be anywhere near Judy, as she was known to take revenge on anyone who (in her opinion) slighted her. I had already told her that I had no interest in going out with her. She did not take it well, but so far had. I’m going to dial Sally’s number, she never picks up the phone, and always waits for the text or voice mail, so you’re gonna leave her a message…got it?” His eyes were filled with terror as he heard the tones in my voice “Yeah, just take these things off son…its really starting to hurt…please.” His request was met with a steely stare as I held up my hands and showed the ripped flesh around both wrists and the now bandaged broken hand. “Life’s a bitch sometimes Chuck…” I said with a. There was a massive stately home in the middle of nowhere, he'd visited it when he was a k** and if he had to die anywhere that would be where he'd choose. He couldn't choose much any more, but he was damned sure he could at least choose where he breathed for the last time. It should be coming up around the corner any time now, he thought, as he steered the Landrover into a tight country lane. It was eerily deserted in this part of the country, it made him uneasy after starting his journey in. " Rick whispered to her. "He'll be watching." Watching? What do you mean?"Rick put his hand on one of her cheeks and gave it a squeeze, "That feels really nice, Barirah. Move over here a little more." He pushed on her bottom over to a stack of hay and closed the bard door. Light still leaked in through a few windows. Compared to the outside, it was quite a bit cooler.Barirah was blushing and her heart began to race. She wasn't sure of what to do, "W..Why? What do you want?" She asked meekly."I.

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