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He still thinks he is in control, you look around to see what is available. You spy the nipple clamps on the floor, picking them up you clamp both of ...is nipples. He grimaces is pain, but doesnt talk back to you again.Grabbing the scissors, you cut through his belt, then his jeans. Down the left leg, then the right, his pants fall to the ground and exposed his semi erect penis. You walk up to him, grabbing his cock in your hand you ask him, "does this turn you on" he says "no, you turn me on".. Come here' Sissy walked over and stood above his Mistress. Her hand slipped under the ruffles of her dress and freed her little clit. 'Hold your dress up,' She commanded. 'See,' She said, as she held the tip of sissy's little clit with her finger and thumb and compared it to the black cock in her other hand. 'Look at the difference!' She said, amazed. 'It goes up my forearm and it's not even hard! Do you see now sissy?' 'Yes Mistress,' Sissy managed, red-faced and ashamed of his lack of. Then she realized they would need a key to enter 'her' room.Digging through her backpack, she finally pulled out a key ring andopened the door. Entering 'her' new home, she was assaulted by a vastarray of feminine paraphernalia, there was a lot of pink and purple andthere were clothes strewn all about. And weirdly on one hand, it allseemed so foreign, while on the other hand it seemed just right. Movingover to the couch, she dropped her backpack onto it as she checked outher new home. She. Suddenly she got up and came and sat in front of us and said “I’m cumming boys and I want all your spunk now. Well, that didn’t take much, increasing our tempo, I shot more spunk than ever before and Fred’s big load went all over her face. She was covered and like the cat, started licking and swallowing it. That was just my first lesson from my perverted uncle and aunt. But it made a massive impact on me. Why do you think I was attracted to you Doris – I could not resist you showing off – it.

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