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But most of all the skirts had to be short… most of them were no longer than 12 inches and barely hid my pussy. They were also short enough to expos... a bit of my nylon ass… my ass cheeks always peeked out from under the skirt. 
And I always wore pantyhose under these skirts… mostly the very sheer and shiny styles…with no panties. Sometimes, when I was feeling extra daring, I even wore my specially modified pantyhose…the ones that I have cut out the crotch panel from. I usually wore those at. As the night wore on we had both had quite a bit to drink, and I noticed this one black guy hovering around Dani. They went out on the floor and caused a scene. What they were doing was so hot and sex that everyone else cleared the floor to watch. The DJ put a spot light on them, and I watched her twerking and rubbing up against this guy. He had his hands cupping her ass, and suddenly he put his hands up under her dress, grabbed her panties, and stripped them right off her ass. The place was. "Do you like my tits? I want you to rub them and suck them till I tell you what to do next." The boy rubbed one tit as he sucked on the other. As he sucked and felt her tits she reached down and grabbed his cock. She stroked him till he was rock hard and then she gripped his balls and they were large and full. She then grabbed one of his hands and put it between her legs. "Let's see how good you can play with my pussy. You better be good if you don't want to go to jail." He began to run his. Or we could ride you bareback," he chuckled."Uh! I don't know if I can do that, couldn't I just, um, blow you." said Cindy nervously, she doubted she could fit one of those cocks in her mouth, let alone her pussy."Oh you will do all that and more," said the coach chuckling. "Come here!" her ordered sitting down on the couch. Cindy sat on his naked cock, she could feel it press against her ass and pussy through the fabric of her jeans. "You like how nice and solid that feels. Don't you? Now.

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