Stacey and Renea probably have had tons of sex together.” He thought while looking at Stacey’s last text she sent last week. She had texted that s...e and her best friend were in Greece and would be working there the whole summer in an hotel to pay for this small 2 room appartment they found. “P.S.We are happy" the words were really there. “Well, if she’s moving on I will too" Seven said out loud while he walked up the stairs. Suddenly full of positive energy. This past year, his sister always. Naan sendru avan arugil nindren, velaikaran en mulaiyai paarthum parkathathumai nindran.Avan sunniyai paarthen lesaga viraithu irunthathu pola irunthathu, avan en mulaiyai paarthu moodu aagi vitan endru ninaithen. Sari ithu thaan sariyana tharunam endru avanidam pechu koduka aarambithen, avan muthalil amma endru azhaithu pesinaan, naan muraithu parthen. Pinbu geetha madem endru solli pesinaan.Avan idam nerungi sendru avan kaiyai pidithen, avan achariyamaaga nan en kaiyai pidikaren endru. But I'ma...girl... now..." She stared at her toes, wiggling them."What?" her expression changed, she stopped biting her lip."Um... Krissy I guess. Yes. Yes, of course," she glanced aroundagain. "Don't you want proof? Don't you at least need to see meto believe me? No, no of course I trust you. I guess it would bekind of... strange... to stay the night in this state. No, I'msure the Hutchins wouldn't mind a girl staying when she used tobe a boy!!! No, of course he doesn't think I'm a hussy. No!. As he moved up to me, I guided his hard cock into my very wet pussy. As he was fucking me he was whispering in my ear how hot it was see us girls together and he was so turned on he didn’t think he could last long. Next to us Stacy had gotten on her hands and knees in the bed and Sam was fucking her doggie. I reached over and started rubbing her tits as they bounced with each stroke of hubby’s cock. Stacy leaned over and gave me a kiss as Tom grunted he was cumming. When Tom finished shooting.

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