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A stubborn six year old was a redundancy. Maybe she should use his methods on him. There was an arena where he would control, and out of it she wouldn...��t yield one inch to him. This was his bed, and here he was king of the castle. When she did in the hospital was none of his damned business. What was sauce for the gosling was sauce for the gander. They had to meet there, of course, when she was coming here or for other dates. Then, too, she was a guest in this house, and they had to find their. I needed to feelclean.For about a year, I was not interested in sex afterthat. Then boys came into my life. Unfortunately, Gushad already gotten what they wanted. But they seemedhappy to shove their cocks into me anyway. I must havegotten fucked 100 times in my senior high year. Icraved sex from everyone who wanted to sleep with me.At the age of twenty five, I wondered how it would beto let a dog again mount me, knowing a lot more thanwhen it had first happened. My opportunity came when. I need them for tomorrow, so I had no choice. Thank you." Walking around behind me again, her strong arms came up and I felt her grip on my shoulders as she began to knead my sore muscles. I couldn't quite repress a groan at her exquisite technique. I usually can't find a woman that can give me a good strong backrub. Conscious of my increasing excitement as well as the sweat drying on me, I stepped forward and asked if she would mind if I took a quick shower. She said it would be fine, and. I new a couple guys who knew some friends that were interested too. I was told to meet at a local motel room.So I showed up I knocked on the door,it opened up I walked in it was shut and locked behind me I was sourounded by 6 guys taken down to the floor my clothes taken off I was then stood up handcuffs were put on my wrists behind my back walked over to little round table bent over it face down my legs spread wide and tied to the legs tight with rope my ass cheeks were pulled apart spanked.

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