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” Bill instructed as he found a seat in one of the chairs. “Take one of Rebecca’s hand. Feel how soft it it.”After a few moments of having her...hand massaged, Rebecca took Kerry’s hand placed it on her lips. She kissed the naive girls hand allowing Kerry to feel the warmth and softness of her pink lips. She blew softly on Kerry’s fingers before she took them into her mouth to suck on them.Kerry was surprised. This simple activity was giving her chills. She stared into Rebecca’s eyes as the older. :)She asked if I wanted oil and I said yes and she began giving me a very good back massage. I'd noticed when I arrived that she was wearing a belted, calf length dress. While she was working on my upper body, I decided to test the waters a bit further by touching her legs. She was wearing low heeled shoes and she had nice shapely calves. I found she had lovely smooth skin and, another good sign, she didn't object to my touching her (I was a bit surprised at that but I was starting to get. However, he is shocked when she grabs his hand anyway. "Lead the way," she whispers in his ear. He smiles and leads her away from the common bunker and towards his rec area, which his parents luckily felt they had time to install. As the teens walk through the dimly lit hallways, Corey learns her name is Casey, which he already knew, and that she was a gymnast before the war. He tells her the boring details of his life, skateboarding and guitar, but she seems to love it. "I always thought. They made me a fresh drink and some of them continued to talk to me about sex…Suddenly one of the guys said that he would give me a thousand bucks to see me nude; I just laughed. Other two men agreed with him, telling they would add a thousand each one…I pretended to be embarrassed and just laughed again at them. But then each guy put a thousand on the bar right in front of me, telling me to strip. They recalled, just stripping for them…That was easy money for something Victor’s Boss could have.

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