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My college we'll call her brandy seemed to be wearing lower cut tops, and would frequently be bending over in front of my desk and finding excuse to t...uch my legs and arms. I'd also find excuses to hang around her desk, soaking in the views of her heavy cleavage and stroking her shoulders and occasionally brushing a hand against her ass.One day whilst I was filing, in the quiet upstairs filing room, brandy appeared at the door asking if she could give me a hand, her blouse was unbuttoned down. He said, "Well, how does the lady feel about that?" She answered by taking his hands and placing them on her tits.As he was looking and touching and admiring, I reached down and pulled her skirt up to her waist (no panties). I then asked him to cut the light. He did better, reaching over and drawing the drape to close off the sleeper from the outside world, turned on the little reading lamp over the bed and off went the big overhead light.He then turned his attention to Dee's lovely bush and. My tits were flying up as my ass cheeks bounced down in what I am sure looked somewhat obscene to anyone who was watching my excercises. A car drove by and honked at us, and Miss Claire shot them a bird.“Ugh, if anyone from school sees me like this, I am dead,” she groaned.“May I ask why you wore the suit? Was it because I wear skimpy things, Ma’am?” I asked her politely when I finished counting my exercises and caught my breath.“Not everything is about you,” she snickered and jogged away. She. Now that she had been worked up plenty, she was ready to provide us the main course, which was a delicious Jessie sandwich.Brian came to a stop beneath Jessie and helped lower her down so that her boobs were pressed against his chest. In the process, Jessie let go of me, and I saddled up behind her instead, my eyes fixed on the vacant dark hole that was my duty to fill. Just underneath her asshole was her pussy that was already stuffed by her husband, so there truly was nowhere else to go..

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