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His new inspiration occurred while strolling through Norton's Emporium, a glorified five and dime store in San Francisco. A sigh caught his eye: NO SA...ES PERSON MAY LEAVE THE FLOOR WITHOUT PERMISSION OF A SUPERIOR —THE MGT. What? he thought. Are the poor girls supposed to pee in their panties if they can't find the superior? Then he reflected further. Mathematics, of course. It was part of the great plot by the statistical majority to streamline everyone and everything, to reduce even. A couple of the girls had been a little exotic; kinky, even. But at least they hadn't been (a) professionals; (b) under duress of any kind; or© sent away unsatisfied.Nope, the left side of the little-old ledger, there, was looking pretty good -- socially and professionally.On the other side, the written-in remarks were mostly in code, their meaning discernible only by the writer himself -- yours truly.On that side, the word "Harvard" appeared, without elaboration.That single word stood for the. I wanted to show her that with cooperation comes rewards. She finished the banana and water. Then chirped up.“Please just let me go. I won't tell anyone I promise!” she pleaded,“After our little discussion earlier, I somehow can not bring my self to trust you.”, I informed her,“Please, I was upset, and angry. I swear I wont tell anyone. Just stop this now and let me go.”, She continued on,“Shhhh, don't worry you will come to love what I am going to do. No matter if it takes forever.”, I. " What are you talking about!" Ruth screamed, looking frantically around her and trying to make the sex game seem as realistic as possible."I'm talking about you and me, Mrs. Connors. We hit it off rather well last week. In memory of that time, I have a little program planned. I've been planning it all week long, and I know you won't want to disappoint me by not participating." The tapes, you'll give them back to me. You'll promise?"Once again Ruth tried to get into the mood of the game and say.

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