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." I snapped back, sarcastically."I'm not finished, I'm not a cruel man," he said in a voice of sincerity. "I'm up for promotion... no, let me rephra...e that... the promotion is mine already. That's why I was away for the first two days. Do you know how I got that promotion?" he asked, squinting at me and looking, expecting me to know the answer. I simply shook my head. I wanted to hear him say it."Your numbers got me there. You accounted for 50% of my entire eleven man team... all of your. Out popped: a) the largest penis I had ever seen, b) the smallest penis I had ever seen, c) the hardest penis I had ever seen, d) the cutest penis I had ever seen.This of course immediately turned me on because besides fantasising aboutcrossdressing; I had also fantasised about being forced to submit to astrange man whilst I was dressed as a woman ever since: a) I can remember, b) I was a teenager, c) I was forced to wear coullottes to school instead of shorts, d) I was a foetus.I reached out. None of THEM ever started out in my head like Dan did. None of them started getting into my heart.So what was I supposed to do? Grandma was the only person I could ask about this. I could just see asking kids at school. I'd get the 'Uh-huh, you know how her mom was' treatment. Or the 'Ewwwww! He's OLD!' thing. And nobody would understand. Aside from Grandma, I was on my own here.So I went with my heart when it said 'true love can be a once in a lifetime thing' and with my head when it said. .. but we’d have to agree to that ... afterward, you know?”“What about Miles?”“I don’t know, he’s a great guy, I guess, but that’s all. I---I’m never going to marry him. We---we’ve already had that discussion. We do like one another and I wouldn’t want to hurt him---ever.” Her voice sort of trailed off as she spoke, so Paul barely heard the last thing she said: “I haven’t met that person yet.”Paul instinctively put his arms around her, pulling her into him, and Jade put her head on his.

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