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" Yes, it's your turn to go first Dave, but don't you dare leave me until Peter has made love to me too. I want both my men with me making love." Jill...gasped urgently.So Dave rolled on his back telling Jill "in that case, you come and do the work."Jill happily mounted him, teasing his lips with her nipples as she leaned forward. After levering herself up and down on his rigid penis for several minutes, Jill sat up, drew her legs up so that she was kneeling then spun around without letting. "The sound of her voice, even, made me quiver in fear, god knows whatmore she would do to me she was so crazy. Terrified I wordlessly obeyed,shuffling around the desk to kneel in front of her. I looked at herblack mud stained boots which were by me, not wanting to look up at hersex and certainly not at her evil face."Right girl, now you must learn to service your mistress, to thank mefor your correction, when I lift my legs in the air you will moveforward on your knees and kiss me with open. She was in an arranged marriage, with no sex life.She had a good body, was around forty-two years old, but was incredibly hot.Her daughter was four years younger to me, her breasts were still growing but she looked really pretty.For a few months, things went on fine to school, she went for work and so on.One day I was feeling incredibly horny, and it so happened that we were learning about sex at school.I decided to use this opportunity.It was evening and my cousins were upstairs and my uncle. "Look, I think you need to be punished for this. You can't just waste my time like that and expect to get away with it," she continued."What do you-" I stopped short, for she had pulled out a long, heavy looking yardstick."Um...what's that for?" I asked nervously, backing away."Take a wild guess," she said as if I were too stupid to realize what was about to happen. "Bend over the desk. Now," she said as she got up and walked over to the side of the desk I was standing on.I backed away. "No!.

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