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Her long blonde hair was a total wet mess, her skirt and coat were dripping water all over the carpet, even her features of her face had water drippin... from them. I took her coat from her and saw that she was in her school uniform. ‘Come with me, I’ll find you a towel and hang this over the bath to dry off, ‘ I said. She followed me up the stairs into my bedroom. I told her to sit down for a minute while I hung her jacket up and found her a towel. I managed to find a hanger and took her coat. My long, hairless pink tail and myfolded round ears seemed still attached, at least. But still, I feltsomething was wrong, and...oh my god, I'm supposed to be a boy, right?Why couldn't I remember what I looked like? I burst to my feet out ofmy bed, and made to charge out of the door, before a bright pink blushburns my cheeks, a weirdly familiar sensation. I can't go out there inmy underwear, I needed to get dressed, an alien compulsion thatnevertheless I couldn't resist, grabbing the first. 'Oh fuck uh' He groaned more, milking his length for all his seed, never once taking his eyes of her ass. His balls emptied, cock throbbing and red. Mark stood haunched over the door panting. Seeing his cum splattering the door handle, and realising how low he had gone. 'Fucking hell' He grumbled to himself, cock now going soft. He wiped the door clean with his shirt, ridding the evidence of his pervasiveness. Lily would freak if she knew. And he liked having her here. He just couldn't contain. We both fell silent until i asked her why she said she thought she had married to young and thought we should seperate beause she couldn't guarantee being faithfull to me and wanted to have sex with others and had for a while, she said she didn't want to divorce and said it would just be for a short while, i said i have to move out so you can basically shag about she said yes. Thats when i admited to her that what she had done had actually turned me on and as long as she was honest and never.

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