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I had to ride my bike out to this place and they always had a dog that would not let me into their yard. I learned to take a bone with me and while ...e was busy with the bone I could get the paper to the house. This one morning he took me just when I was reaching the gate. It knocked me down and the dog started to sniff me all over. I think that he was smelling fear. I let him sniff me all over and he paid close attention to my cock. I thought about this and maybe I could get him to. Reaching down, I slid my finger into my cunt, coating it with my juices, teasing along his inner thighs with one hand while I reached between them with the other, pressing the tip of my finger against his puckered asshole. Caressing it gently, I slid my mouth back along his shaft until only his the bulb of his head remained between them, trapping it between my lips, the tip of my tongue swirling over the soft skin.This time when I took him into my mouth, I pushed him finger slowly into his ass,. I didn't laugh either, because it dawned on me that Josh was one hot dude. At first I was just trying to get rid of Meg, but now I wanted Josh. I wondered if everyone could see that I had a big hard-on. Probably not, they wouldn't have laughed so much. But I did, and it was all for him. I was even willing to put up with Meg if it meant I could have sex with Josh. The party came to life after I kissed Josh. Meg was sitting in a corner glaring at everyone, I was sitting next to Josh flirting and. Sunil reciprocated with smile and asked her for a cup of water. She not caring about her dress, went to the kitchen and bought a cup of water. She thanked him again for helping her. He left our house unable to do anything and wondering whether he would be able to see such a sight again.In the evening after I returned home, Sunil called me privately and asked how much I like my wife. I told him that that I love her better than anything else in this world. Sunil kept on saying to me that you are.

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