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She would suckle with all her might while the tip of her tongue worked magic on the veins that covered my length. Not only that, she would dress up in...different attire to arise feelings within my chest. Sometimes she was a naughty schoolgirl, other times she was an innocent down to earth cowgirl, but my favorite was when she dressed up like my own personal maid. I could whip her petite little ass as she bent over the table to pick up a mess I had made. My daughter was my dream. With that in. It wasn’t until she experienced something similar that she started to understand. “Wow,” she really took her sexuality to new heights. A little over a year ago, after having several mall and shopping encounters, we had a couple of friends over for a barbeque. They were a couple about my wife’s age, in their late thirties. As I am fourteen years older than Jill. We get the strangest looks from people when we go out, because Jill looks like she is in her mid twenties. Joe is six foot five inches. She found a handsome young man, in his mid-twenties, smiling at her. He was no more than five feet seven inches, well-built, and seemed very muscular.“Is Lydie home?”“No. She is out with her dad and should be back soon.”She caught his eyes moving up and down her body as he spoke, “I’m Ben.”Katie felt a rush in between her legs, she went weak in her knees and almost lost her balance. Involuntarily, she extended her hand. His tough, strong hand shook hers with confidence. Her eyes dropped to his. It was a feeling I regularly had, and regularly gave in to. I enjoyed the sensation of bringing myself to climax, and the feel of my warm cum, shooting out of the tip, spraying over my naked body... and then the taste...However, before I had the opportunity to think any more on such a subject, I was brought into the now by a delicate knocking on the hotel room door. Tap, tap, tap...Shit ! I wasn't quite ready ! I hadn't intended to be stark naked when you arrived. That was being a touch too.

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