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So I tried it again at half hour intervals throughout the night. Twelve hours after it first changed me, it changed me back. A...ter that, I forgot all about the bum who ripped us off. This was much bigger. As I flew back to Baltimore, I was already planning how I was going to do away with Kevin Clay and start my new life as a woman.Of course, by the time I got back the feds had launched a serious assault on our. I could see the defeated look flash through her face and she resigned herself to the gangbang.Jamal then lay on the bed, with Charlotte in a reverse cowgirl. John stepped forward and they continued the double fuck. Randy took the oppurtunity to climb on top and straddle her body. I could hear the gagging sounds as he pummeled her poor throat. Spit and precum were streaming down her face and she had no hands with which to slow him. He would pull out and ram his cock into her throat like a. “If you don’t want to, just say so but I have an idea Bryan. My prom is coming up and I was wondering if you might want to go with me. You wouldn’t have to pay for anything. I know it’s probably a silly idea so say no if you want.”“Rachel, that is definitely not a silly idea. I’d love to take you if you’ll let me.”It was another fifteen minutes before I left her house as when she heard my answer she squealed loudly and hugged and kissed me. That kiss led to another and then another and by the. This time he was alone in the store where it had just opened up. HE seemed surprised to see me and more interested this time. I made small talk and then asked him about some of the furniture. THere was a chest on the floor and as i walked to it I realized this was my opportunity. I bent over to open it and felt my shirt lift up. I could feel the silent stare behind me. I knew he was looking at me.AT this point i became nervous. I couldnt beleive what i was doing. I slowly got up and fixed my.

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