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Na 12th class ayipoina tharvatha summer lo ma babi ki pelli ayindi, apude kothaga ma family lo cherindi kada, nenu ma family nene koncham allari, na a...lari thanu chala enjoy chesedi. Kaale dorikithe pinni tho kaburlu cheptu undevadini, nannu chinna pilladilane chusedi,Ah time lo ma pinni dengali ani ayithe anipinchaledu gani, epudu thanani battalu lekunda chuse avakasam vastunda ani chusevadini, appudapudu ma pinni vanginapudu sallu chusi enjoy chesevadini, saree lo chudali ma pinni ni apsarasa. open the door and let me in thinking, 'what am I in for'. As you turn to shut the door you are pressed up against it from behind thinking, 'what have I done'...only to realize that my lips are caressing your neck, my tongue glides across your earlobe. My hands slide up your thighs and graze between your legs, you gasp, and as my hands reach your hips I turn you, my lips meet yours and they part as our tongues dance together. You grasp my shirt and pull it over my head feeling the muscle. Do you know why we broke up, Mark? Hey your name and his name rhyme," she said slurring her words so badly that it was getting hard to understand her.I knew that I was driving her home because she was way too drunk to even understand what was going on. The bartender said I should probably take her home. I agreed completely and I stood her up and she fell down when I tried to stand her back up I realized she was passed out. I decided I would carry her out so I threw her over my shoulder and. Here, I gasped, put "It might fo off," Bruce grinned, panting too. "You're so beautiful." "Thanks for the compliment." I said, looking up at him wryly, quickly shifting my body so that I could get his hot, very hard cock between my breasts. "Now, you just let me play with him, and don't let him go off. You need to have a little self-control." I was stroking the sides of his hot, thick shaft with the warm balls of my naked breasts, as the underside of his cock rubbed.

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