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"No," Suzie admitted, "but don't worry about it. I'll be okay."That was good enough for Dan; lifting his hands, he clutched her hips--thrust upward as...she thrust down--and fired his cum right into the depths of her cunt. Suzie seemed pleased, feeling Dan's penis throb in her hole as he filled her up with his juices, and afterward leaned forward to kiss him goodnight.But it was only as Suzie climbed off the bed and flipped off the overhead light that Dan realized--watching her go--that Claire. Her needs and desires had got the better of her and she knew I would not approve of such a move at these times, so she went behind my back, something she swears she's never done before and I believe her, she's never had to go off on her own.''It was stupid, but worth it,'' she told me and went on to describe the short time she spent with the couple. She then told me that it would not happen again and that if she had those feelings to break out again that she'd talk to me about it. Now I feel. After I moved into Lincons home and the 2nd day passed the memory last was gone and I stopped losing memories. Lincon was great the day that I moved in he stopped by his house and dropped me off and told me to get so rest cause’ I looked like I was gonna be sick. His reason was me being car sick. Good guesse, sorta. He said he didnt have a room set up for me yet and told me to sleep in his bed. He put a trash can next to side I was sleeping on, turned the light off and shut the door but left. I had a hockey bag and started filling it and then I grabbed my pillow and blanket from the bed.“We’ve got bedding at home Honey,” she said gently and I shook my head.“I’ll explain when we’re out of here,” I promised. I emptied out the floor stash which I’d been using to keep a supply of run-money in case shit went sour. Something I’d learned from Miranda. I stuffed it in the hockey bag and then we went upstairs. I dropped my stuff by the door and Dan and my mother were still discussing matters.

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